Mentoring. Workshops. Advocacy.

Juggling is hard. Juggling to pay rent, feed your family, raise children, find a job, go to school, and manage relationships all at the same time can be REALLY hard. We can help.

We offer mentoring to help individuals and families achieve economic self-sufficiency and emotional self-reliance. Through workshops ranging from financial literacy to mindfulness, we aim to give access to skill-building and resources not typically available to people living in poverty. We also seek to be advocates and thought leaders who will help influence policies impacting those who experience poverty.

PYP Difference

Every human has potential.

Hard stop.

​Rather than taking a number and a plodding through a series of impersonal transactions, Pave Your Path offers a dignified experience centered around a relationship.

​​Our mission is to contribute to building a community structure aimed at helping as many impoverished families as possible, and doing it in a way that honors their courage and commitment to creating the life they desire.

We understand that poverty is not entirely about money. Research shows that the majority of people living in poverty also experience stress at biologically toxic levels. Levels high enough to hamper the development of key cognitive abilities related to executive functioning, and which can adversely affect health for years to come. Simply stated, after a lifetime of conditioning, the stress of poverty changes brain wiring in ways that show up on MRI’s. It takes time and tools to learn how to live without chaos. Understanding this brain science behind poverty is critical to creating programs that work.

Our trauma-sensitive approach takes into account the holistic growth of each person, with equal importance put on earning a living wage and reducing the daily suffering caused by toxic stress. From our personalized mentoring program to our mindfulness and skill-builder workshops, PYP participants have access to extensive resources as they pave their path to self-sufficiency. We also offer referrals to a range of specialists as well as in-house tools such toxic stress screenings and individual progress monitoring.

At PYP, we aren’t about inching people above the poverty line and ‘checking a box’ – we are about helping each person reach their full potential and thrive for life. It is our belief that we need more than just compassion to help break the cycle of generational poverty. We understand the complex challenges and are prepared with relevant solutions.

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